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Craven Construction Inc. has successfully engaged in business all over the United States, as well as three other continents. Fully licensed and insured with an outstanding safety record and a long list of satisfied clients and completed projects, keeping a reputation as a solid business keeps the focus on the client.

Continuing education in the proper use of materials, changing building codes, and good business practices shows the commitment to the future. Craven Construction Inc. will be around to warranty your project and help you with phase two when the time comes.

Each project is approached with a comprehensive list of considerations driven by the client's needs. More than product and material availability and enduring construction practices, a constant commitment is maintained to lower utility bills and enhance energy efficiency. Your trust, confidence and satisfaction are a driving force behind each project no matter how big or small.

If the delivery of a prefab unit, or construction of a hybrid unit best fills your end user goals, look in on the Ready Structure models for customization according to need.

70% SIP Home

70 SIP home

This home was built utilizing structural insulated panels (SIPs) for the walkout basement and first floor walls with the roof system constructed out of engineered storage trusses.

SIP homes require whole house ventilation and this one was no different, incorporating the air exchange unit and the furnace with a LifeBreath® system.

The water heater is used to do the heavy lifting and circulates hot water through a coil within the unit to heat the air that circulates through the home.

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100% SIP Home

100 SIP home

This home was built on a property that had some acreage and many trees to provide all the fuel necessary for years of water and home heating.

It was constructed using structural insulated panels (SIPs) for the below grade basement, first and second floor walls as well as the roof.

The home is heated with in-floor tubing that is supplied with hot water from an outside wood boiler. The boiler can be loaded with logs, usually once a day, and heated water is sent underground to the basement to be circulated throughout the home.

This cuts down reliance on outside utilities for home heating and is another smart step toward energy independence.

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Northport Cottage

northport cottage

This home was designed and built over 15 years ago with the guiding principal of using the least amount of materials and generating the least amount of waste. The walls were designed with 2 foot on center studs with the windows designed to fit in between a 2 foot cavity or 4 foot cavity.

The home was built on concrete piers poured in place to avoid changing the topography to suit the house. Landscaping and retaining walls were constructed from recycled concrete at only the labor costs to install.

The rafter length and layout was designed to accommodate steel roofing factory cut to length enabling it to be installed rapidly. By using shed roofs in the design, a minimum amount of roof trim pieces were needed, driving the cost of materials and labor to be less than a conventional shingled roof with a life span and decreased maintenance record far superior to shingles.

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SIP Studio Workshop and Bunkhouse

finish shot

SIP studio workshop 2

This was the first structural insulated panel building constructed by Craven Construction Inc.

In a side by side comparison, this building was less that 2% more expensive than building it conventionally with studs and fiberglass insulation.

It was intended for use as a bunk house studio with a workshop accessible on the other end for tool and supply storage.

SIPs are not just energy efficient and durable, but also result in a quieter interior with superior sound deadening abilities.

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