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Whatever happened to Cottage in a Day®?

Craven-Media-PageThe name Cottage in a Day® was a name that was used to convey an idea of my prefab structures to other people during the concept phase in the early 2000’s.

I had a piece of property on Lake Superior and wanted a weekend getaway that had the looks of a west coast lifeguard shack, the comfort of a modern day residence, but outstanding durability against Lake Superior storms, and energy efficiency in an area that electric power had not yet reached.

I would explain to bankers, marketers, suppliers, and subcontractors, that I would build it in a shop, ship it to the site completely finished, and lock it into it’s foundation in less than a day.

It was a cottage. And it would appear and be occupied in the same day. Seemed simple.

No mess for the neighbors to see, no snoops walking through a dangerous jobsite after hours, no day-to-day stress for the owner witnessing how the sausage of conventional construction was made. The method conserved the look of the property and was low impact on the environment. It was highly energy efficient. It was a superior system.

But that name, Cottage in a Day® was also limiting. I would explain how I was only using the name temporarily until I found one that covered all the possible uses.

Also it was a name that said what it did, and said what it was, so while I was only manufacturing small houses, it worked.

Finally, the word ‘cottage’ didn’t really express that it could be occupied all year as a permanent residence.

The statement ‘in a day’ seemed cheap and flimsy reminiscent of the idea one gets when remembering the modular homes of the past, even though a module took upwards of 60 days to manufacture and was of the highest quality.

The more exposure CiaD received, the more experts appeared to tell me their opinion of what it wasn’t. I was amazed that most were unable to see what my system was and could be.

I wasted a lot of time making rational arguments until I became irrational.

It was a cottage today, but that wasn’t all; it could be migrant housing, it could be oil field cabins, it could be a classroom, a clinic, a chapel, or a forward operating base. It could be an agricultural or scientific research building. It could be many things based on the same platform to enhance efficient manufacturing, but adapted to the specific job or environment it was destined for.

The naysayers are long gone and the dead weight has been shed.

After a lot of hands on research, and a lot of miles under my boots, Cottage in a Day™ is being absorbed into Ready Structures™. A new name with a new focus, better quality, and casting a wider net for incorporating new ideas. And the focus will remain broad, just like the palette for customization. If you want a cottage built, I will still be happy to oblige. But don’t be surprised if you see an artists studio that bears a striking resemblance to your cottage…


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