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Benefits of a Green Roof

Ready Structures is all about creating green spaces and promoting green living within our community. Another company also diligently working to promote green living is Inhabitect. They accomplish this by planning, designing, building and maintaining green roofs. We love the work they are doing because there are so many benefits to adding a green roof, which is a roof full of vegetation that has become more popular in urban settings.

Benefits of a Green Roof

Urban living can be challenging with limited space and air pollution, but a green roof is a natural way to solve these problems and create an oasis for residential dwellers and businesses of all sizes. A green roof improves stormwater management, air quality and biodiversity, increases tax revenues and property values, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and the urban heat island effect and peak load energy demand. Green roofs can be installed on any type of building and brings additional benefits to schools, research studies, restaurants, parks and so much more. Imagine kids growing up seeing green roofs as the norm as they learn about how to grow their own food while walking, playing and running.

Uptown Condos_GreenRoof

Inhabitect Green Roofs in Michigan

Inhabitect has build many green roofs throughout the country and the concept makes complete sense in areas with warmer climates, but is a green roof feasible in Michigan? Absolutely! Over the past 10 years, Inhabitect has built many green roofs for private residences throughout Northern Michigan, including in Honor, Leland, and Traverse City. They have also partnered with organizations to build a green roof at The Boardman River Nature Center, healing gardens at the Cowell Family Cancer Center at Munson Medical Center, bike shed for TART Trails, and at condominium projects throughout Traverse City. Check out their website for more images and details of these awesome projects!

East Bay Residence_GreenRoof

Can You Build a Green Roof on a Ready Structure Home?

Yes! You can literally build a green roof on any type of roof, including roofs that are pitched, flat and even wavy . Let us know if you are interested in building a green roof or incorporating something similar and we can help you plan how it will work with a Ready Structure home.

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