Is Our National Electric Grid Under Attack?

April 4, 2016 12:43 pm

Published by Craven Construction

Tony Anderson, general manager of Cherryland Electric Cooperative, recently posted a response detailing his thoughts and opinion on the idea that Ted Koppel discusses in his new book “Lights Out”. Koppel presents the idea that the national electric grid is vulnerable because it is increasingly relying on the Internet. Anderson states that “Yes, it [the national electric grid] is vulnerable as our transportation system, air traffic control and financial networks that we also count on every day to run the U.S. The more we rely on the Internet, the more vulnerable we become in all area. I don’t believe Mr. Koppel is breaking a big news story here.”

Electricity is critical to how we live in our culture, from starting our coffee pots in the morning and checking the weather to communicating on our charged phones to working daily in the office on our computers. People in the U.S. rely heavily on electricity, including myself, but there are green ways to generate electricity, including through solar panels installed in your home. Regardless, we appreciate the work that Cherryland Electric COOP is doing with other electric cooperatives to ward off cyber security threats. You can read Tony Anderson’s full response to Ted Koppel’s idea presented in “Lights Out.” Click here.

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