Renovation Projects

For commercial spaces or residential homes, a renovation can sometimes be the most challenging but also the most rewarding.

Craven Construction Inc. can improve your living and working conditions, make your storage areas more efficient and accessible, and add pride and livability to your indoor and outdoor spaces with an addition or remodel.

Whether the goals are to improve the value, reclaim unused areas, or update the no longer functional or attractive, a long list of return clients is proof positive that it starts with an idea and ends with your comfort and satisfaction.

From historical buildings to modern kitchens and baths, Craven Construction Inc. has the expertise, subcontractors, and knowledge, to enhance the experience as well as the finished product.

If you think prefab or hybrid solutions might be for you, look in on the Ready Structure possibilities.

1930’s Cottage Renovation

1930's cottage addition to remod

This project was a pleasure to work on time after time after time. These wonderful owners had a very rustic cottage right on the water of a northern Michigan lake.

To upgrade it by tearing it down would never allow them to build that close to the water again.

So it was picked up off the ground with steel beams and a new foundation and cottage was built up and over the original with all new wiring, plumbing, etc.
Then a bedroom wing was added the following year.

Then a kitchen and dining wing was added the year after that.

The kitchen and dining wing was constructed using structural insulated panels (SIPs) for the renovation. This was more evidence that SIPs are versatile as well as durable and energy efficient, and if they can be utilized in any form of construction, the owners will get a return on their investment.

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1920’s Log Cabin


This very cool little log cabin is one of a dozen that were moved to this lakefront property from their original location and use as a logging camp at the beginning of the last century.

With some great forethought and design ideas from the owner and conscientious upgrades and material choices, this perfect little cabin will likely make it to it’s hundredth birthday and longer.

A new and upgraded kitchen and bath enhance it’s livability.

Additional much needed rigid foam insulation hidden between roof sections to preserve the interior tongue and groove ceilings and add some energy efficiency at the same time help with the heating on those cold winter stays over the holidays.

The replacement of deteriorating logs and screen substitution with animal resistant fabric help keep the looks and operation of the original windows and keep this cool little log cabin the best up-north getaway in it’s class.

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Fireplace Conversion

fieldstone fireplace before

field stone to marble conversion

This client moved into their new home and as part of making it their own, wanted to change the fieldstone fireplace into something more suitable to the existing interior décor and new furnishings.

White marble was chosen and the vertical bead board paneling was used to match other features of the home.

Wiring and cable were installed behind the art area on the possibility that it might be converted some day to a media room.

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Long Lake Residence Upgrades

Long Lake residence after

This home was built over 40 years ago and had a series of flat roofs that each changed elevations.

It was architecturally designed and visually appealing but at the time it was built, flat roofs in northern Michigan were problems when it came to seasonal leaking from ice and snow build up.

A tower was added to the lakeside of the home, and each individual elevation was given it’s own trussed roof section.

Insulation was added after the trusses were sheeted to add to the overall efficiency of the home, and upgrades to the kitchen and baths brought this treasure into the 21st century on solid footing.

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Stone Shower Before and After

before stone shower 1920's cabin

after stone shower 1920's cabin

This out of date and unappealing bathroom was in an up north cabin and worked for years on the odd weekend and summer stays, but was definitely in need of an upgrade if the use increased.

The room was gutted, re-plumbed, and rewired, and the client selected great stone choices and had great ideas for the end uses.

Electric in-floor heat was installed under the flagstone, and the poured concrete countertops and shower curb used leaf and pine cone impressions from the property into the impressionable surfaces.

A large custom sized corner shower was built with ledge stone and took advantage of every inch available.

A radius shower curtain bar allows the curtain to be pushed back when not in use and with the addition of the owner’s large houseplant, it actually makes an interior space appear as if it’s out in the woods.

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SIP Porch Roof Panel with Copper Fascia

SIP porch roof panel with copper fascia

Structural insulated panels (SIPs) have a long history of energy efficiency and the reduction of air infiltration.

And SIPs also have a proven track record of strength and resilience in the face of hurricane winds, tornados, and earthquakes. The industry laboratory tests and exposure in the real world testify to this superiority to conventional construction methods.

In addition to these advantages, SIPs can allow the possibility of aesthetic architectural uses where the need for conventional support and methods may not allow the same look.

This porch floats over two locust wood pillars harvested on property, and hangs from the body of the home by a concealed ledger board.

With the sealed rubber membrane roof covering, and the special radius copper fascia, this architectural feature will maintain its beauty and elegance for years to come.

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Wet Bar Installation

alcove with oak wet bar

This opportunity was realized when the current owners of this home first purchased it and wanted to personalize it when they moved in.

The alcove area under the stairway was there and it’s original intended use is unknown, but the owners wanted a wet bar area to serve the lakeside and back deck areas of the home.

A sink, ice maker and mini-fridge were added into the space along with plenty of storage for glasses, tumblers, and an exposed wine rack.

The unit was built inexpensively by using regular plywood for the boxes and spending the time and resources on the solid oak doors. Polycarbonate sheeting was used to give the cabinets and opaque view of what is inside as well as the backlighting to enhance to room’s mood without having to use overhead lighting.

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