Solar Cooking Oven Kit

March 26, 2014 12:21 pm

Published by Craven Construction

The CooKit is a lightweight, reflective panel-style solar cooker. Convenient for home, camping and emergencies, it folds flat to 13″x13″x2″. Made of cardboard and foil. Reaches hot, oven like temperatures in the mid – 200ºFs. Comes with two high-temperature cooking bags, required for cooking. Best when used with a dark or black, covered pot (not included). The Pot becomes the oven and retains heat.

Other Uses and Features for the Solar Cooker Oven Kit:

* Cooks a variety of Foods, Meats, Vegetables, Grains, Breads, etc.
* Pasteurizes drinking water – make it potable, safe to drink (see WAPI sidebar)
* Safe around Children – no fire, no hot coals, no smoke, no dangerous oils or fuels
* Nutritious – Long Slow Cooking keeps meats tender.
* Great For :
– Camping
– Emergency Preparedness Kits
– Daily Use in Sunny, Warm Months
– Can also be used as an emergency reflective signaling device

Using Solar can serve as a primary cook source or as a supplement to other stoves you have on your trip. Uses no fossil fuels, only the energy of the sun.

Solar Cooking Oven Panel Kit – Serves Double Duty — You can use it as a Backup Emergency Reflective Signaling Device to signal for rescue.
Cheaper and lighter than most full Metal solar ovens and nearly as durable.

These are also used successfully in 3rd World Countries to reduce wood and fuel consumption, yet provide safe cooked food.

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